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So 2017 Has Now Officially Started-

So I am really excited to announce that I’ve joined forces with my friends at Jonathan Nerren Racing to run the DVM Mustang up in the Formula Drift Canada Series this season. It will be a 3-car effort with Jonathan, Tyler Nelson and myself all running under the guidance of Nic Snyder and the Jonathan Nerren Racing crew.

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Another Tough Weekend For The DVM Crew-

With round-4 of the Formula Drift Pro-2 Championship behind us, I’m flying back off to work tonight reflecting on the “season that could have been”. I know you’re supposed to only look forward but I think you have to recognize both the good and the bad of the past season so that you can grow as both a person and as a team.

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Aaaaaand We’re Off-

After all the long days and nights… and days and nights, the new parts assembled and more weeks of building new parts than I would ever have imagined, we finally got to get our DVM Mustang back into completion. The 2016 Formula Drift Pro2 schedule of Road Atlanta, Orlando, Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix Raceway finally got underway on May 5th in Braselton, GA.

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