A Look Back In Time-

This short update comes to us thanks to our friend Joe Goss at Tritin Multimedia. As it turns out, Joe has been shooting video at the HyperFest event up in West Virginia for many years. He shot this years event (which we will be releasing very soon) and he also had in his archives this video from way back in 2005.

Now before you watch it, let me preface it by reminding everyone that in 05’, drifting was very new to me and at the time of this video I had been doing it for a very short time… Ok, so can you tell already how bad this is going to be..? LOL

Anyway, sit back and have a good laugh (as I do every time I watch this) and see what we called drifting back in 2005. By todays standards, I don’t think any of us would even have qualified for this years HyperFest/XDC event. But it is fun to look at how far our car has come and how far I have developed as a driver over these past few years in the sport that we all enjoy so much.

Enjoy the show and please don’t be too mean with your comments…
click here to watch video