DVM Catches Up on Season Activities: Pt. 2

Continuing on the “multi-part” theme, we pick-up the season as the team prepped itself for Atlanta, Georgia….

After the test at VIR the DVM Mustang was back in the shop where the boys completed the updates needed for their next event, which would be the second round of the Formula D championship at Road Atlanta Raceway. This would be Doug’s third “crack” at this hilly circuit and with mixed experiences the past two year’s, the team was determined to get a good result. The team would be tested once more. After a good day and a half of testing, a drivetrain “gremlin” would pop-up and force Doug to use only 2nd gear for his qualifying run. “I normally shift up to 3rd gear coming back down the hill but I just couldn’t risk it under these circumstances.” VDB said. “I hate to have the turn the motor as hard as we did, but luckily our Kenny Troutman built engine that’s Pro-Dyno tuned, once again survived the abuse and we were able to qualify 18th today”. Doug added. Right after qualifying Friday the team spent the evening on their collective backs replacing the offending components and by 9PM Doug was back in his seat running the car through it’s gears. 

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DVM Catches Up on Season Activities: Pt. 1

To date, 2009 has been a blur for Doug Van Den Brink and his D’Vanz Motorsports crew. It’s only May, but already they’ve had their turbocharged Mustang out of its stall 5 times this year at various events. The car has a new look thanks to John Yu and his crew at AIT Racing. Gone are the factory steel body panels as the car now sports an all new full composite body giving it a wider and lighter stance. The recognizable red & black colors are held over from 08’ but everything else is all-new for 09’.

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DVM Finishes The Season Strong at Red Bull Pro-Am:

The 2008 drifting season has finally come to a close and we’re happy to announce D’Vanz Motorsports finished on a high note. The event, billed as “The Red Bull Drifting World Championship”, was the biggest of it’s kind in which there were two events in one massive weekend. One portion of the weekend pitted the drivers from the American Formula Drift series that ended their season in the top 16 points positions vs. 16 of the best drivers from series outside the United States.

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