Bodywork Update:

Good news for all you Mustang owners out there, it looks like AIT Racing will soon be releasing the Doug Van Den Brink “signature” New-Edge Widebody kit for 99-04 Mustangs. Some of you may know that drawings were done by myself and a friend of mine Chad who is a 3D wizard, they were then turned into reality by the guys at AIT.

These renderings (of which there was probably 180+) were updated and revamped by Chad and myself many times until we got a body that we thought would really look good. Once we handed everything over to John, Carlos and his boys in the fab shop, they took our crazy idea’s and added some practicality to it so the parts could actually be made in a cost-effective manner.

As you can see, they did a really good job with everything and now all of these parts are available for sale. The fenders and rear Quarters are about 2-inches wider per side giving you plenty of room for your “Big Falken’s.” So if you have or know somebody who has one of these cars and is looking to make it stand out from the crowd, give the guys at AIT Racing a call…. And tell them DV sent Ya….

Stay tuned for more information please check back soon…