Busy, Busy Time…

While it’s been a good bit of time since my last email update, I can assure you that things have not been idle here at D’Vanz Motorsports. It’s getting close to the start of the 2015 drift-season and it feels like I am going in every direction possible as work, car-builds and business-expansion are all on the agenda.

Work for me on the “manufactures-front” has slowed down a bit which has given me more time to spend at the track with the Porsche Sport Driving School at their base in Birmingham, AL. It’s awesome teaching people how to drive their cars in a manner that they were meant to be driven and between the staff, the facility and the amazing cars… I’m not gonna’ lie, it’s a pretty good gig. Next week we’ll be launching a new car control clinic called “G-Force” and I am really excited to help them expand their class offerings into the world of controlling a car when it’s not tracking through the corner “quite as straight” as you originally intended… LOL, it’s going to be fun!

The DVM Mustang is getting closer to getting back on the track, thank goodness. The car and I have been bouncing from one fabrication-shop to another trying to get everything done. It’s been a big challenge given my super-tight budget as this latest re-vamp has just taken a lot of man-hours. With most shops in the area getting slammed with “full-pocketed customers” my friends have done their best to help me as much as they can and I can’t appreciate them all enough. Wait until you see the new-version of this car, it’s going to blow people away!

That being said, I’ve still got a good bit left to go so I’m pushing as hard as I can to get the chassis to paint as soon as possible. From there I can start putting all the hoses, lines, suspension parts, drivetrain, ignition and safety equipment back in for the final time. I’m really excited with how the car’s coming along and I can’t wait to get it fired back up for the first time.

As for the business-side of D’Vanz Motorsports, we are in a period of expansion right now. I’ve been getting more calls than ever for my DVM drift & autocross spec Mustang parts, so production on them is picking up. As many of you know, there is now a DVM on-line store (http://dvanzstore.bigcartel.com) that is expanding by the day with new product-lines being added constantly. Response has been good so far and as more people learn about it, I think we will really be able to help the companies that support our drifting program move some products, which in the end, will be good for everyone.

Please continue to keep-up with me here at dvanz.com and on both the Facebook page and Instagram for daily updates. I can’t wait to show the world the newly updated Mustang and I’ll look forward to sending along another progress update real soon. Until then…

Take care,