Spring 2021 Catch Up-

Can it possibly almost be June already? How is this possible? It seems like Christmas was a month ago! Well, those sentiments should give you …

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DV_Night Smoke

On To New Horizons-

As the 2021 race season is quickly approaching, I thought I’d send out a quick update as to how plans are progressing. As I said …

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Ford Taurus

Change Is In The Wind-

Well, this sure hasn’t been the year we were all hoping for, has it? I know I never saw all of “this stuff” happening when …

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Time To Catch Up-

So I figured I better do a little bit of catching-up here since it’s been a good while since my last update. With so much …

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Experience Of A Life Time-

As promised in my last update, I share with you an opportunity that I really never thought would happen. Growing up watching every kind of …

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