We Did Have “Some” Fun-

So as most of you know, Jon and I ran down to Miami Homestead Speedway last week so I could compete in the Formula Drift Pro-2 event driving the Chelsea DeNofa Motorsports BMW. It was the first event for the new Pro-2 category and the first time any Formula D cars had been on that track. The Homestead Speedway provided us a great venue to both work out of and compete and all-in-all, I’m very glad we went down.

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Aaaaand We’re Back-

In 2-days will mark my Formula Drift competitive return to the series I’ve been chasing these last few years. The 2014 FD Season has already kicked into high-gear and is making it’s 3rd-stop on the tour at the Miami Homestead Speedway on May 29th-30th. This will be my first event of the season and I very excited to be back.

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Mustang Drift Suspension- My Experiences with the Solid Rear Axle

So here it is based only on my personal observations. I preface it in this way because everyone has his or her own opinions and I have no need to debate what works better under these conditions or that. What my opinions are based on is my past 6-years of experience drifting MY sn95 chassis in all types of events across the country from grassroots to Formula Drift Pro-1. Continue reading