Doug is available for both “private” and “semi-private” coaching sessions, world-wide. Having worked in the driver-coaching industry for many years, Doug has developed a style of coaching that is honest, straight-forward and massively productive. Whether you’re a relative beginner fresh out of a performance driving school or an active racer that’s looking for the smallest of improvement, Doug has lessons that will help you get faster or race smarter.

With his vast knowledge of race tracks the world over, Doug has the ability to help you at your “home track” or one that you’re about to visit for the first time.

Also, now in the age of “driving simulation”, Doug has the ability to work with you “on line” on your own Simulator or sessions can be scheduled to come and drive on DVB’s state-of-the-art Simulator located in Birmingham, AL. Just like in your real-car, with video, lead-follow and data review, you can learn what it takes to be fast in both the real and the virtual world.

Here are just a few words from just a few of DVB’s students:

During my first of many experiences at different performance driving programs, it has always been clear that Doug was intensely focused on my education and development as an advanced driver. While it may be said that an instructor will give back as much as the student puts in, I would argue Doug gives back even more. There is not a lap I take in which I don’t apply a lesson Doug has taught me. He is attentive, available, and when teaching, he is listening first to you, rather than waiting to speak.

What I especially appreciate about Doug as a mentor is that he asks no more of you than he does of himself— both on and off the track. His attention to detail is unparalleled, and he is my best advocate at the track. Doug’s commitment to teaching is authentic, and it is evident from start to finish. I am privileged to have Doug as both a mentor and friend.

– David E. Kandzari

I have long been a fan of Doug’s teaching-style because he knows what he is doing and tells you like it is good, bad and ugly—and all of us are ugly when we start off. He provides the perfect blend of encouragement and constructive criticism. I have been working with Doug for many years now and it has been a tremendous experience. Doug and I have become personal friends through our events together and we always have a great time.

I used to own a highly collectible Ford GT that we started with at a CHIN Driver Education events. Doug helped me understand that driving this car on a regular basis was not in my best interest because of the inability to get adequate track insurance and the huge loss in value that would occur if I damaged the car. Doug was instrumental in guiding me to a car that fit my current skill set and would be a good starter car for my teenage sons if they get interested in performance driving.

We spent hours on the phone discussing car options and settled on a Porsche Club of America classed, Spec-Boxster with a 6 speed manual transmission. As Doug and others have said, if you can learn to drive this car quickly, you can drive anything. I can’t imagine anyone buying a performance car without the assistance of Doug unless you have tremendous knowledge about race cars. Doug helped me find the car, saved me thousands of dollars on the purchase, helped me find a good shop to maintain the car and fix or upgraded everything on the SPB at a fair price. He also guided me on buying the right safety equipment to fit my needs.

Doug has introduced me to the world of PCA, CHIN, JustTrackIt, etc., and other “DE” weekends. Prior to that my performance driving experience was limited to a couple of driving skills classes and a handful of SCCA Track Nights at my local track. Doug started working with me one on one at Barber where I have driven hundreds of laps and where Doug has taught me the drive line, braking and shifting points. I’m astonished at how many drivers at DE-event weekends don’t know the proper line—they are fast simply because they have a fast car with automatic transmissions—not because they are good in their fundamentals—they would be astonished at how much faster they could be if they worked with a driving coach like Doug.

My lap times have improved dramatically since working with Doug. His fees are very reasonable and are far more cost effective than trying to learn this on my own and with a lessor qualified coach. We have expanded onto Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen and a few other great tracks. I can’t imagine going to a new track without having a coach initially to teach the line, etc. I can’t wait for 2023 and working with Doug!”

– David Dyer

I have worked with Doug on and off the track for 5 years. His experience and skill are unparalleled. He is an outstanding teacher of car control and race technique. Having raced in PCA for 3 years and awarded the coveted “Workers Choice” award, I would not have achieved racing success without Doug’s instruction and mentoring.

– Brian Reedy

Doug was a tremendous help to me in my first ever enduro race. He settled me down and got me into the rhythm and proceeded to help me cut 10+ seconds off my lap times to be competitive in class. His knowledge of the track and his ability to relay information in a way that you can process on track and utilize was great. Post-race, his ability to digest data from the car and in turn it allowed me to start my second ever race and run a clean 2-hour stint. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone looking to hone their race craft.

– Evan Botizan

I’ve been fortunate to work with Doug as my instructor during multiple events. Since our very first interaction, Doug he has added another level of learning necessary for me or anyone who does/would want to do Track Events. The Car Control skills he teaches have truly taken me to a higher level of on-track driving. He teaches that if you don’t know where the limit is, you’re not maximizing your ability or that of your car. In an effort to help you discover the limits, he is always asking more of you in a progressive step-by-step manner. We all have something to learn or improve upon when it comes to performance driving. With Doug’s background, I truly feel he would add to anyone’s skill set, whether a beginner like me trying to learn the fundamentals or someone who tracks often who is looking for those tenths of a second to try to achieve that Perfect Lap.

– Justin McFarlane

I enjoy owning and driving sports cars, especially British cars, from Jaguar XFRs, XKRs, and now my Aston Martin Vantage. I met Doug Van Den Brink the first time down in Miami, FL at a track event at Homestead. There, I learned how to unleash my inner speed demon, safely, under Doug’s professional guidance. I have driven under his instruction in different locations over the last couple of years and each time he helps me gain more skill, confidence and control. Doug is always professional, motivational, patient and most importantly, calm…even when I have made errors in my driving! I leave the track with a giant smile and fun memories for a lifetime, with a hunger for more. Thank you Doug for being an awesome motivator and instructor! I look forward to more track time with you.

– Marcy Hippey, CEO – IMS-CHAS, INC.

Over the years, I have attended many driving schools and instruction-orientated track driving events and in doing so, I have had a good exposure to many driving-coaches and found Doug to be special in his ability to assess the car, driver and most importantly the drivers personal learning style, which made the process that much more productive.

Following my fundamental schooling, I recruited Doug to assist in the search for the right car in which to go to the next step. His advice and counsel lead to the purchase of a Porsche Cayman GT4 Club Sport. During the entire process, Doug advised me on the right finishing details, car set up and dealing with the prep shop doing the work. The process was invaluable. Since then, Doug has been right beside me providing coaching, encouragement, and critical data review that has led to significant improvement in my driving skills, how to assess the various tracks and how to deal with the occasional failure. His professionalism, caring involvement and knowing what to say and when, has been and continues to be invaluable and well worth the investment. My only advice is that there are a lot of good driver/coaches, but the thing to watch for is the coach’s ability to know you and delivering the right message at the right time. Doug excels at both.

– Mike Dunn