Griffin Radiator Joins Our Dirt Late Model Program-

I’m very excited to announce that Griffin Radiator is going to be joining Colten and I in our new Dirt Late Model program. Having used their products in the past with such great success, I am very thankful that Tom Beebe and his team will be helping us keep this new project cool.

With the front of these cars being completely blocked-off to any “ram effect air”, keeping the engines cool can be a bit of a challenge. Using the Griffin twin-row/dual-pass aluminum units will “be just what the doctor ordered”. Since I’m not at the car assembly shop, Having already received them at the assembly shop, the guys at Cale Finley Racing told me how impressed they are with the build-quality and they too think these radiators are going to be just what we need to keep engine-temps in check. Previously I ran the Griffin products in the Mustang drift car and I had nothing but the best results with them so I’m very confident having these radiators installed in the dirt-car.

Adding to their great line of cooling-products, Tom Beebe has a great mind for motorsports marketing and I’m always interested in hearing his thoughts on new ways to reach our targeted-audience. He has been around the motorsports industry a long time and through events like King of The Hammers, Tom has propelled Griffin Radiator to be at the forefront of their industry. It will be great getting a chance to work with him again…

About Griffin Thermal Products-

Since 1981, Griffin has been dedicated to leadership in the design and manufacture of the very best high-performance aluminum heat exchangers in the automotive industry. A Griffin radiator is not a one size fits all, off-the-shelf product, but is performance matched for optimum cooling and built for your specific industrial or automotive application. Griffin was founded on customer service and satisfaction and continues to manufacture top-of-the-line performance radiators built for your specific industrial or automotive application.

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