Our Dirt Late Model Program Makes Big Moves With Torco-

Birmingham, AL-

If you and I have ever talked about “racing fuel or motor oil” then you know I’ve been a longtime proponent of Torco brand products. I first started using their High Octane Accelerator back when the Mustang drift car went turbo-charged. I had such great success running the concentrate that for years I ran nothing else. Then as the drift car program wound-down and our Ginetta GT4 Endurance program picked up, again I looked to my friends at Torco to help bring our Premium Unleaded Gasoline up to and acceptable 103 octane. With that program now about to start its 4th session, we have had amazing success with it for 7 to 14 hour long endurance races and I look forward to winning with it and the Torco line of Synthetic Racing Oils in 2022.

I’ve said all of this to say, I’ve been a consumer of their products for years, I know how well they work and I trust them to protect every engine and car that I own and drive. For this reason, I am thrilled to announce that Torco and their brand of Racing Lubricants will join Colten Miller and I as the primary marketing partner of the JCM Motorsports #19m Dirt Late Model effective immediately and running throughout our 2022 campaign.

With the challenges of manufacturing production in the world today, it’s no surprise that we just received our new cars only a few weeks ago. This has delayed the start of this program a bit but we’re getting right after it now that Cale Finley has the cars assembled. Before year’s end we will have four multi-day races under our belts before we head down to Florida in January for Dirt Speed Weeks at Volusia and East Bay Speedway’s.

What started out as a simple manufacture-to-consumer relationship has turned into a genuine appreciation of their line of products and a trust in them to help us protect our sizable investments in these new race cars and engines. Racing at any level is tough and racing in the dirt adds yet another challenging layer that has to be managed by the products you use in your vehicles. What’s great about this alliance with Torco is that we’ll not only be looking after the race cars but now with their latest addition of Street Performance Products, we’ll be able to better care for our towing vehicles as well.

For all of us at JCM Motorsports, this is a win-win-win scenario as we look forward to provide Torco with some solid product-feedback and added brand-exposure as they continue to push the boundaries of both Racing and Street minded products. I’ve been a fan of their products for years and now I’m so very pleased to be given the chance to represent them in this arena of competition. This strategic alliance will continue throughout the 2022 season with hopes of many more productive years to follow.

About Torco-
Torco International Corporation manufactures super high-performance racing oils and advanced lubricants for a wide range of vehicles and applications. All products are batch blended, using the highest quality base oils and high-performance additive systems to ensure the strictest quality and best performance as compared to mass-produced oil brands. Torco products are made in the U.S.A and Built For Speed.

Torco is the industry leader in ultra high-end specialty lubricant formulations for high-performance and racing applications. They welcome the challenge of staying ahead of the performance curve that exists today and are proud to be one of the last true specialty oil companies that focuses on building extreme protection and horsepower into their products.

Recently they have introduced an all-new OEM approved super high-performance Street Series line of oils for your car and truck that takes inspiration from their racing line. This exciting new segment of products will be added to their premium high-performance engine oils and lubricants for motorcycle, race car, ATV, UTV, snowmobile, boat, jet ski, and anything else with an engine.

All of their products use their Patented Race Proven Technology, are available in synthetic and conventional blends. They deliver critical lubrication demanded by those who won’t compromise on quality or performance.

More information on Torco Performance Products can be found at: www.Torcousa.com or visit their Instagram page

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