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Aaaaaand We’re Off-

After all the long days and nights… and days and nights, the new parts assembled and more weeks of building new parts than I would ever have imagined, we finally got to get our DVM Mustang back into completion. The 2016 Formula Drift Pro2 schedule of Road Atlanta, Orlando, Texas Motor Speedway and Phoenix Raceway finally got underway on May 5th in Braselton, GA.

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It Was Time For A Vacation-

Well, as close as I can get to one that is. A good many months ago, my friend Ron called and said, “he was getting the band back together”… Well, it was more like a marching band than it was anything else. It seemed that when we helped put on a crazy-big one-day event for Toyota out in Las Vegas four years ago, we had really made a good impression. So much so that Toyota had called again and ask if Ron and his company The Driving Connection could do something similar for them again… Only catch was that this time, the event wouldn’t be in Vegas but at Fuji Speedway in the south of Japan and Ron was going to have to ship 160+ of us over there (again, think marching band). Well lucky for me that Ron rang me up and before he could finish his sentence as to weather I’d be interested in going, I jumped at the chance.

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So, Where Were We?

Hey Everybody, I hope this quick update finds you well and ready for fall weather?.. For me, it’s been absolutely flat-out lately in one form or another… The summer went by in a blink-of-an-eye and in talking to a lot of you, it sounds like it was that way for just about everyone…

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