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DVM Chalks Up Another Win at Charlotte Motor Speedway-

Cornelius, NC (August 4, 2012)- For those new to following Doug Van Den Brink’s career, back when he raced Legends Cars, there was a couple of seasons where he won more events than any other driver at the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway. Racking up multiple Feature wins and even a National Championship, every time DV drives through the tunnel leading to the track’s infield, he has a feeling of coming home as he as the rest of the D’Vanz Motorsports crew feel that CMS is “their house”. Continue reading

DVM Bags Another Top-5 At zMax-

Cornelius, NC (July 7, 2012)- Following the 4th Of July weekend it was back to business for the D’Vanz Motorsports crew, as they got ready for the third round of Formula Drift/Streetwise Pro-Am Championship. This would be a “parking lot” event as it was a cone-course laid out in the massive parking area at Charlotte Motor Speedway’s drag strip.

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Tough Weekend In West Virginia-

Cornelius, NC (June 16, 2012) After a short 2-week break from their last event, the D’Vanz Motorsports team was north-bound and heading to Summit Point, West Virginia for the annual HyperFest event that made up the second round of the Xtreme Drift Circuit Eastern division. This event is always a favorite of both driver and team and everyone was feeling very good after their West Palm Beach win. Continue reading

DVM Rebounds With A Win-

Cornelius, NC (June 2, 2012)- To say the D’Vanz Motorsports team had a crazy couple of weeks would be a massive understatement. After crashing their car in Orlando, they only had a week and a half to turn it around and get it ready for the second Formula D/Streetwise Pro-Am event of the season. They would be competing in their 3rd event in only 4 weeks, and the pressure was on. The competition was held in Palm Beach, Florida at the Palm Beach International Raceway. It was the second time Formula D had been to this circuit, one where Doug & his DVM crew were the event’s defending champions. However, due to a track-layout/direction change, no one had any notes on car set-up. Continue reading