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DVM Makes It 2-In A Row-

This past weekend saw our D’Vanz Motorsports team back in action at one of their favorite tracks, Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia. For the past 10-years, this action-packed motorsports weekend known as HyperFest has been giving race-fans all that they could ask for in terms of automotive entertainment. From road-racing to drifting to show-cars and even a car rollover contest. This event brings in fans of all ages to experience some of the best driving on the East Coast. Continue reading

So Hard Work Really Does Pay Off-

What’s that old saying about “When the going gets tough….”?. This past weekend, Doug Van Den Brink and his “extended” D’Vanz Motorsports team proved that when their backs are against the wall, they can be as tough as anyone. They fought through enough adversity that would make others just head-to-the-house, grab a spot on the porch and crack-open a “cold one”… Continue reading