The 2014 Season… What We’re Doing-

With the 2014 Formula Drift season literally right around the corner, everyone has been asking how things are coming in regard to drift events and my car’s condition. I’m happy to report that we’re making some really good progress in terms of new-construction and component upgrades.

In terms of what events I’ll be competing in: as I’m sure many of you “Formula Drift followers” know, the officials have instituted a new Pro-2 division that will run in conjunction with the existing Pro-1 division. The new Pro-2 category will basically take the place of the Pro-Am division that used to run during the various FD weekends. The Pro-Am level will still exist but those teams will have their own individual events in their own respective regions.

The idea behind the new Pro-2 category will be similar to NASCAR’s “Nationwide series” in that teams that don’t have the required budget to run competitively in the Pro-1 category have a place to run and compete with like-supported teams. Any Pro-1 team/driver that’s not ranked in the Top-16 can also compete so the Pro-2, so competition should be every bit a tough as it is in Pro-1. The Pro-2 events will compete on the same tracks, in the same environment and under the same rules as the Pro-1 teams. The Pro-2 Championship will consist of 4-rounds taking place in Miami, Texas, Seattle and Irwindale.

As for the DVM Mustang, as I said, things are moving forward. I’ve still have a good amount of work to do but there is “light at the end of the tunnel”. Thanks to all the guys at Crook’s Racing, we’ve got our new dry-sump oil system installed and the engine and tranny have new places to rest.

Our friends at Wilwood have sent us a completely new setup using their Dynapro Calipers and larger Dynamic Rotors so stopping-power will be greatly improved over years gone by.

With only 8-weeks to go before Miami, I’ve still got a tone of work left to do. Big things left on my “To Do List” are (in no particular order), fab-up a complete new turbo system that will be made up of parts from Vibrant Performance, Comp Turbo, CX Racing, TurboSmart, Kook’s Headers and Hotchkis Performance East, my new fuel system using Aeromotive Fuel components, Deatschwerks Injectors and Goodridge Fluid Transfer components, the stand-alone engine management system that I’m still trying to source, the drivetrain is waiting for final fitment so that the QuarterMaster clutch and Tiger Quickchange can be mated to The Driveshaft Shop Axles and Driveshaft and naturally the whole car’s has to get completely torn back down after final-fab is completed so everything can get a fresh coat of paint and CL Design graphics… It looks like I’m not going to get much sleep in the coming months…

Also, in just two weeks will be the 50th Anniversary Mustang show at Charlotte Motor Speedway. If you’re coming, make sure you stop by and say hello. Once I get a final location at the show I will let everyone know where to find us via my Facebook page:

Please continue to keep-up with me here at and on both the Facebook page and Instagram (@DougVanDenBrink). The next couple of months are going to fly by so make sure you don’t blink or you’re liable to miss something…

Talk to you again soon,