Things Are Moving Fast-

So the end of another work/drifting season is upon us and 2015 is really going out with a bang. With the DVM Mustang back together our “winter testing” has commenced and I can’t remember a busier November in terms of work needing to be accomplished.

I was incredibly lucky to be able to dovetail 4-separate work programs together recently, getting to spend some time with some of my friends at Jaguar again. It was a real treat and in doing the kind of consulting that I believe will really make a difference in their bottom-line is always fulfilling. Following that, I got involved in a similar “customer retention” initiative with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep which was a whirlwind tour of 10-stores here in the Carolina’s and four out in Texas. This program really should have taken longer to complete but I guess they figured some help was better than no help at all.

All the while these programs were going on, my “off days” were filled with more in-car instruction with Porsche at Lime Rock, Summit Point and naturally Barber Motorsports Park. In just a very short time, I’ve really grown to appreciate the German brand. The way these cars drive and take constant aggressive driving day-in and day-out at the school really is amazing.

As for the Drift car…. Believe it of not, on Oct. 17 up at Shenandoah Speedway, it finally turned its first laps in anger. It was a simple open test day with only a hand full of grassroots cars but the group putting on the event were great, very welcoming and it was a nice track to just drive the car again. All in all, I couldn’t be happier with how everything went. After all this time, planning and money spent, the way the car performed was very respectable. What we’ve got on our hands is basically a whole new car again and al l of the new components worked very well together, the new rear suspension worked great, the twin-turbo’s helped the motor lay down some good power and the newly upgraded front suspension gave me some more steering angle to work with. Add to that, the new graphics package looked great on the track at speed so it was a very good day. Following the trip up to West Virginia, I got word from Formula Drift that all of our past efforts and accomplishments had not gone unnoticed and so D’Vanz Motorsports will in fact be congestion the 2016 FD Pro2 championship. The schedule has changed slightly from 15′ as they have added Road Atlanta for the first event, retained the Florida oval in Orlando, same goes for Texas Speedway in Ft. Worth and for a season finale, Phoenix, AZ will host a stand-alone event to close out the year.

Needless to say, I’m excited to get the Mustang out for another Test-day where we can continue tuning the chassis and leading up to the PRI Show in Indy, things should be pretty entertaining… Oh, did I mention Japan? More on that later… 😉

Talk you soon,