You’ve Read The Words, Now See The Movies-

Ok, well maybe not “real movies” but videos of our last couple of events. As we all know these days, YouTube, Vimeo, StreetFire and the like have made the ability to see your favorite team/car/driver in action so much easier. We’re trying to follow along and produce short clips of our outings whenever we can and in this note we present to you our latest additions.

The first one is from our friends at Dead Pirate Productions. This video is from the Formula Drift event at Wall Stadium on June 5th. As you may or may not know, Wall is a really tough, yet at the same time, a simple track. It’s tough because the banking on the oval is really steep and the corners are very tight. After the banking, the cars have to “transition/crash” down to the flat portions of the track which is ridiculously hard on the cars chassis and suspension. As a car owner I wish they could do something about this because we replace a lot of parts after this event due to fatigue.

Anyway, after you get your car down to “the flats”, you have to do a figure-8 and traverse across “the woop section”… Yep, you’re reading this right, for those of you familiar with Motocross, you’ll know the term as the part of the track where the dirt-bike riders skip their bikes over some large bumps. Sometimes they make it through and sometimes these “woops” throw them off their line and even off their bikes! Well, unfortunately for us, the middle section of Wall’s figure-8 is extremely bumpy. So much so that like our SuperCross friends, our car literally skips across the tops of these bumps while at the same time we are full throttle and trying to transition from right to left corners. As you can imagine, this area of the track is a shock-tuning nightmare and one that has caught more than a few drivers off guard over the years.

Having said that, it’s a pretty simply lay-out; you do half a lap on the oval, come down onto “the flats” and do a simple figure-8 and you’re done. The fans have a great view of the track from any seat in the house, there are plenty of hotels and restaurants for the teams nearby and the track staff is always very accommodating… It’s kind-of one of those “love-hate” things. So with no further adieu, CLICK HERE to watch me do my best to make sure Stephan Verdier earns his money and put my BellTech Suspension through the Wall Stadium torture chamber…

Our second video we’d like to show you is from Tritin Multimedia. This was shot at the XDC-HyperFest event at Summit Point on June 19th. What’s cool about this video is that it goes in chronological order, from practice through the competition showing how our runs improved all the way through the weekend culminating with us rolling into Victory Lane. During my interview at the end with my friend Jarod DeAnda, you’ll have to pardon the sound quality as they were having some mic trouble down on the track. CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO

So there you have it, “moving pictures” from some really fun events. I hope you enjoy them and please keep checking back with us as we bring you more sights and sounds from the remainder of our 2010 season…

Take care, DV