The Speed Is Coming

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama (May 23, 2022) – We’re getting faster with our Torco Racing Lubricants/ JCM Motorsports 604 Crate Dirt Late Model. Cale Finley and I have been making trips up to both Moulton and North Alabama Speedway’s for their respective “weekly shows” in the last couple of weeks. I am happy to report that the speed is coming along as we’re getting faster and more consistent with each race.

We ran at North Alabama Speedway at the end of April and competed in a combined 604 Crate and Limited Late Model race. While the Limited cars have a bit more power, they also carry a bit more weight so our speeds were pretty comparable. We qualified 3rd and once the race started, we did a good job of holding onto the lead-pair of cars. Running caution-free, the 25-lap race was over in a flash but passing under the Checkered Flag in 3rd position felt pretty good.

The following week, we ran at Moulton Speedway located in Danville, Alabama. Once again, Cale had our 19m Torco JCM-Rocket XR1 tuned to perfection and it was fast right off the trailer. This week we had to contend with rainy weather and the Moulton Track Crew did an amazing job of keeping the surface in raceable condition so all classes were able to get their events in.

After the rain-delay and meticulous track-prep by the Moulton crew we rolled out for our 2-lap qualifying run. Having not turned a wheel because the track was just too wet during Hot Laps to learn anything, meant these would be our first laps on the track. Running a line that I felt right, we set a time only a few-10th’s off Pole and secured the 3rd starting spot.

Still needing to be more assertive with my Starts, we fell back to 4th at the drop of the Green Flag but stayed in contact throughout the early laps. After a brief Caution Flag, I ran in on 3rd place but didn’t get the car turned enough on corner-entry and washed up the race track opening up the door for the car following us. After gathering the car up we slotted back in line to “wait for the opportunity that never came”. In the end, we had to settle for 5th place but left with the knowledge that we were “in the fight” and that in of itself was encouraging.

After a good night’s rest, we loaded up and headed back to North Alabama Speedway on May 7th. Thanks to Cale’s solid chassis set-up, our Torco JCM Rocket felt good in Hot Laps and was even better when it came time to Qualify as we stopped the clocks with the 3rd fastest time.

On the “drop of the Green” I got a pretty good start and was in good position to hold the spot when the Pole Setter got a little too crossed-up right in front of me leaving me no choice but to check up a tiny bit. This action when combined with a blistering start by the outside front row and eventually winning driver, gave the car starting next to me in 4th a great jump coming off of turn-2. After the first lap, things settled down and we ran in 4th place for a good many laps. We held station until with 4-laps to go, I didn’t get the drive off the 4th corner that I needed and the driver behind got around us where we finished the race in 5th spot.

While this clearly wasn’t the finish I was hoping for, it again showed that our speed is improving. We just need to keep putting ourselves out there and learning from these very capable drivers who have all been competing in this category for a very long time.

We want to thank all of our Marketing Partners who are helping Colten and I push this program forward. Cale is doing a remarkable job with the car and all of his guys have been great to work with. With our speed getting better, we’ll figure out how to move this car towards the front. We just need to keep learning and letting the car do what it’s meant to do. It’ll take time but we’re trending in the right direction so I’m looking forward to our races this weekend.

Please stay tuned to my Facebook page for the latest event updates and we’ll see if we continue this upward trend going forward. Thanks for reading…

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